One of the most admirable characteristics of Filipinos is our love for festivities and parties. Filipinos always find a way to celebrate even the smallest occasions in their lives. Birthdays, weddings, binyag, graduation, pagta-top 1 sa school, pagkatanggap sa trabaho, you name it and Filipinos will have a bonggang food party for it. But, did you ever notice how things in a Filipino party all seem too similar? From the food that is the Davao lechon to the weird bring-home practice, here are signs to tell that you are indeed in a Filipino party.


  1. Filipino time. Sadly, Filipino time is such a common thing in the Philippines. When a host invites you to a party that starts at 4PM, you do not actually come until it is 5PM. Nobody knows the reason why Filipinos like to be late. But, if you are one of the first guests to arrive and everyone else is still missing, you are at a Filipino party.
  2. Shoes Off. Most Filipino parties are often held in the house of the host. It is a common practice to respect the house and leave your shoes outside the door. The reason could be for cleanliness purposes. Although the host may tell you to just come in with your shoes on, it is still best to observe if there is a sea of shoes by the door.
  3. The Overextended Generosity. When you arrive in the middle of the party, you would probably hear a single expression from the host: “Uyy, hello! Dali, KAIN KA NA?” They don’t even ask you how you’ve been or where you’ve been. The chika will come later. Filipino parties always give importance to making sure everyone is well-fed.
  4. Food, Food, and Food! Speaking of being well-fed, another distinction of a Filipino party is that although there are only a limited number of guests, the food served could very well feed the whole town. It is a mystery why Filipino families like to cook a lot of food. This could be due to the unspoken practice of “bring home” or taking food home as a souvenir.
  5. That One Food. And the last sign that tells you that you are in a Filipino party? That Davao lechon on the table! Filipinos love their tradition and a part of it is serving a roasted whole pig for everyone to share and enjoy.


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