Businesses have been built and have flourished from the sale of Lechon baboy alone. To stay
competitive, business owners never run out of ideas in terms of improving the taste and quality of their lechon baboy (pig roast). They also know the power of making it accessible and available for customers. Thus, many businesses in Davao offers lechon baboy delivery. You’d be surprised to know that some lechon shops in Davao even ship to Manila. It’s a very serious trade. Davao lechon shop owners and lechoneros mean business. From the websites of these businesses, one can easily see Davao Lechon Baboy delivery.

Considered as one of the Filipino’s most loved dishes, the Lechon can be traced to it’s Spanish origin. From the Spanish word “leche” which means “milk”, lechon is a suckling pig roasted on hot charcoal. Although it has many variations, the lechon remains the highlight of most special occasions in the Philippines. It’s something you can expect to sample in fiestas, weddings, birthdays, baptisms, and other holiday celebrations. Think of it this way, if there’s a reason to celebrate, the lechon is a must.

It’s a dish one can never miss because most of the time, the lechon is displayed exactly the way it was roasted, traditionally, it even comes with a whole shiny red apple in it’s mouth. In recent years, the lechon belly roll has become a more popular option mainly because of it’s affordability. It’s also said to be the most tender and tasty part of the lechon. The fat is mostly concentrated in the belly which makes it the most flavorful part, and this is where the concoction of herbs and spices are stuffed.

Most shops offering lechon expect good business returns all year round with the holiday seasons being the busiest. The competition can be tough, so shop owners adapt by being more creative be it in marketing or product development. Lechon ice cream is available in some shops in Davao. If that doesn’t speak for creativity, I’m not sure what will!

Lechon ice cream melts in your mouth with a marriage of the salty and sweet taste. The crispy skin is sprinkled in tidbits not just as a topping, but is incorporated in the ice cream itself. This dessert is definitely sinfully delectable with two of it’s ingredients being notoriously tempting.

A shop in London is said to be offering lechon flavored ice cream to the delight of many OFW’s and even locals alike. The fatty taste with a hint of saltiness of the lechon give the ice cream an unexpected twist.

Some shops boast of Lechon that doesn’t need a sauce. While for most, their sauces are highlighted to differentiate and set their lechon product apart from the other competitors. For instance, one shop in Davao is well known as having the best liver sauce. Sometimes, the sauce makes or breaks the dish. So this explains a great deal for the unspoken fight for the title of having the best lechon sauce in town.

Even without any sauce though, a great tasting lechon must have a shiny crispy roasted skin that’s red to golden brown in color, and as one bites over the crispy part, they’ll discover a meat so tender and tasty- the juice oozing from the various herbs and spices (most common ingredients are lemon grass, bell pepper, onions and garlic) that steep into the meat while it was roasting.

There’s an array of options laid out by various lechon houses in the country, but Davao’s lechon has rapidly established a good reputation by offering it’s own distinct version of the lechon. Being the “Land of Promise” Davao does not disappoint when they give a bold claim of providing the country a lechon with it’s own distinct taste.

This delectable dish can be delivered right to your doorstep, and expect this to be fresh, still hot from roasting for over 3 hours over very hot coals. It’s advisable to place your order usually 7 hours before the expected delivery time, but during very busy season like the holidays, any order has to be called at least a day before.

Although, one lechon house in Davao boasts of spearheading the dial-a-lechon fever in the city. It promises to deliver a hot, juicy and tender pig roast in just three hours. This shop even came up with a catchy radio ad that reminds the listeners that they can easily get their hands on the succulent and crispy skinned lechon just by simply calling their hotline.

A lot of shops quickly rode on this trend, and also started to find more convenient ways for customers to satisfy their cravings for this extremely popular dish. Take-out counter became a norm for most lechon houses in the country.

It’s quite obvious that lechon houses are like any other successful businesses that recognize the changes in the market, and they’ve adapted to the fast-paced life-style we now have. Which takes me back to what I’ve mentioned earlier about some popular lechon houses in Davao delivering right to your doorstep – never mind if you are a thousand miles away. If you want it, you can get it.

Davaoenos take their lechon seriously – and for a good reason, too. People from all over the country and even the world flock to Davao and never miss to cross out trying their world famous lechon from their to-do list. Of all the things to discover and enjoy in Davao, sampling a taste of this mouth-watering and scrumptious dish is a must.

Lechoneros in Davao are committed to never disappoint the expectations of travelers and food adventurers. They take pride in what they’re helping to create- another reason for people all over the world to visit Davao.


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