There’s plenty of restaurants with a tempting set-up for eat all you can in Davao. Because of the stiff competition, the standard, quality, and value for money are all considered in an attempt to be on a different level from the other restaurants. Most, if not all, boast of eat all you can buffet at it’s finest- promising an experience like fine dining but with unlimited serving.

The price range that buffet restaurants in Davao set in place is somewhere between 120 pesos to 900pesos. It must be noted that prices vary for breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets. Usually, breakfast buffets are given a lower price due to the menu selection for that meal.

There’s more than a couple of dozen restaurants which are offering an all you can eat buffet for customers in Davao. This fact alone makes above par customer service a non-negotiable for any buffet restaurant’s staff. After all, excellent service always sets the tone for a great dining experience.

Aside from great customer service, everyone’s always on the look-out for buffets that offer a wide array of sumptuous food. The expectations from the menu are often high because of the price and the perception of what buffets should be. A variety of food from different countries as well as different food classification may be a tall order, but this is exactly what most customers expect when they dine in a buffet restaurant.

Although, a buffet boasts of many different cuisines, Asian-Filipino cuisines are still a staple in buffet restaurants in Davao and in any other part of our country. After all, familiar dishes from our childhood, the ones cooked by our grandmothers, always
tug not only on our palates but at our hearts as well.

Of course, lechon is a dish that has always been present in most Filipino’s special celebrations. It’s a dish that evokes fond memories of grandeur, of that one day among a lot of ordinary days when your family agreed to be lavish. Including a lechon baboy in a buffet’s menu automatically earns the restaurant a certain merit. For me at least, I would have the impression that the buffet restaurant really aims to please it’s customers.

Most buffet restaurants are very accomodating and fair. Children below three feet are usually free, and most extend a special promo to anyone who’s celebrating his/her birthday. The celebrant usually gets some discount, often at half the price.

The unlimited Lechon in the carvery is definitely screaming value for money. The price of a whole lechon baboy (roasted pig) in the market is as low as 3000 pesos to as much as 8000 pesos. The price varies depending on the pig’s size and weight.

It’s always worth the price. The lechon baboy is a world famous dish for a good reason. It has earned
the approval of respected and award-winning foodies like the late Anthony Bourdain. He recognized that the lechon is not simply roasted pork. He understood that to get the special dish to taste as succulent and crispy at the same time, careful preparation and tremendous efforts are made.

The pig’s entrails are removed, and a various herbs and spices like lemongrass, peppers, garlic, and onions are mixed together to make a stuffing. The pig is skewered and slowly roasted – rotisserie style.

The three hours of continuous slow roasting creates the a succulent and freshly cooked lechon. It’s skin as crisp as it looks with a light sheen from the basking of oil while it was being roasted. It’s aroma alone will pull you for a taste, enticing you to dig deeper and sink your teeth to it’s juicy meat.

Oh and wait, let’s not forget the sauce! The sweet and spicy flavor perfectly compliment the slightly salty flavor of the lechon.

The perfectly roasted pig is not the only star on buffets. Unlimited crabs get almost the same attention, too! As Davao is also known for the best tasting crabs, it only makes sense for this to be given it’s own place at the buffet table.

Buffet restaurants in Davao showcase food that describe the Philippines, and it’s not surprising why this business model has gained traction for the past few years. It’s also one way for Filipinos to experience other culture’s cuisines without travelling. Tasting other flavors different from what we’re so used to make broadens our understanding of just how much more there is to discover. It can spark our imagination and inspire us to move out of our comfort zones.

In line with this, a trip to Davao is always a good idea. It’s where we can experience delectable and unique tastes. The popular sights are something to behold, but if one strays from the usual tourist spots, a whole new discovery is waiting to unravel.

When one receives a smile from a friendly local, a trade of goodwill transpires. The feeling is quite similar to when one tastes a dish like lechon (which is available in all parts of our country), but the version of the dish is different in Davao, but still somehow gives a familiar comforting taste. The similarity and difference are all part of what makes it endearing.

Dabawenyos are known to be down to earth and grounded. They value culture and tradition, and at the same open to innovation and progress. This interesting fusion of tradition and the new influences is evident in something as simple as the array of options one can see on a buffet restaurant.

More than simply looking for an eat all you can or all you can eat restaurant, how about committing  to find a restaurant where you can discover “all you can experience” from food? Maybe it’s possible if we keep our mind open. 


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