One of the most common dishes served in a Filipino feast is the Davao lechon. Almost every household, big or small, make it a point to serve this roasted suckling pig during special occasions. Lechon is known for its immense size and ability to feed a large number of people.

However, there are times when either the lechon is too big for the number of guests or there are only a small number of guests to share it. Both of these cases lead to a lot of leftover lechon. Many hosts give away these leftovers as take-home treats to their guests. But even then, there might still be some more leftovers left. Luckily, lechon is such a versatile dish that you can actually cook a whole new dish using the leftovers. Below are some suggestions of delicious food servings made from the lechon last night.

  • Lechon Wraps. We all know how heavy in the tummy eating lechon is. If you want to go light on your meal the next morning, you can try doing some lechon wraps. Grab a pita bread, some leafy veggies of your choice, and pieces of the leftover lechon chopped into small pieces. Wrap it all and enjoy a light breakfast.
  • Fried Lechon. Okay, it may sound weird and kind of violent actually. Thinking how the pig goes through roasting and now, frying? But, who can resist the added crispiness of the lechon leftover? Making the perfect fried lechon is as easy as sprinkling salt on the leftovers, storing it in an airtight container and putting in in the fridge the night before frying.
  • Lechon Paksiw. This is the most common recipe that Filipinos make with leftover Davao lechon. It is pretty easy to make. You can also, experiment with your own measures of the flavor to get your preferred taste. Moreover, making paksiw out of lechon can make it last for even a whole week. Talk about survival food!


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