There are undoubtedly a lot of good lechon houses in Davao and a few of them also serves a fair share of other Filipino dishes in their menu. In Davao, the more popular types of restaurants are generally those that serve grilled dishes or seafood. Most restaurants that built itself up as lechon houses eventually venture to sell other traditional Filipino dishes because it is always in demand and it’s more practical to have a variety when cooking and selling food. Here is a list of a few lechon houses that also sell other varieties of Filipino cuisines.

1. Azon’s Boneless Lechon [McArthur Highway, Matina, Davao City
(in front of NCCC Mall Davao) ]

Undeniably one of the most sought-after lechon houses in Davao, Azon’s boneless lechon also sells other classic Filipino dishes like “Sisig” and “Laing”. They also have dishes that incorporate their famous lechon like “Sinigang na lechon”. The restaurant has a complete menu; they have appetizers, soups, vegetable, rice meals, and drinks. They even have tidbits like banana and cassava chips that can be bought for “pasalubong” (or food souvenirs usually brought back to friends and families).

2. Beko’s Kitchen by Beko’s Biik [Door 3, 703 Building, Tionko Avenue, Davao City]

Starting out its popularity with its signature lechon biik, Beko’s kitchen started as a lechon house that grew recognition from its radio ad that promoted a hotline number “227-BIIK” for lechon biik It’s owner, Beverly Lim, had a vision for the business to grow and branch out into something like a one-stop takeout counter. Thus, it started its production of other dishes like Kinilaw na Tuna and Baked Iberian Chicken. Their dishes give out a “home-cooked” kind of vibe and are usually prepared in servings fit for 10-15 people. They cook and sell dishes per tray, which are perfect for small gathering and celebrations. Frozen and bottled treats are also available at their takeout counters.

3. Siggy’s Lechon liempo [11 Circumferential Rd, Poblacion District, Davao City]

As their name suggests, Siggy’s is known for their lechon liempo. It is considered as a lechon variety as it looks and has a skin like lechon. The meat itself, however, actually tastes like “liempo” (grilled pork). This signature dish is still as tasty and juicy as its counterparts, if not more. Other than the lechon liempo, they also serve lechon manok, fried chicken, pork ribs, pakbet, pancit, desserts, and many more classic Filipino dishes.

4. Minda’s Lechon [Alaska St, Agdao, Davao City]

A smaller lechon restaurant that also serves a variety of food is Minda’s lechon. They serve dishes like Kalderetang Kambing and Dinuguan. It may not be as popular as other lechon houses, but it is well received in the area and has been providing lechon orders to satisfied customers.

5. Kakimkris Lechon [Fairlanes Compound, F. Torres St, Bajada, Davao City]

Kakimkris lechon house, aside from lechon, sells other pork dishes like Bopis, Kaldereta, Kinilaw, and Chicharon Bulaklak. Another small lechon house business but does not go unnoticed with the locals. Kakimkris lechon takes orders big celebrations like weddings and company events.

6. Brand’s Native lechon [Roxas Ext, Digos City ]

A family-owned lechon house outside of Davao city. This lechon house has a unique specialty. They stuff their lechon with whole chickens, different kinds of seafood and other herbs and spices in one concoction of dynamic flavors before roasting the lechon.  It has piqued the interest of foreign visitors and was even featured in a video by a Youtube channel called “Best Ever Food review Show.”

7. Xantino’s lechon, Tuna and Kambingan [426 Tulip Dr, Juna Subdivision, Barangay 74-A, Matina Crossing Tulip Dr, Juna Subdivision, Barangay 74-A, Matina Crossing, Davao City]

Xantino’s lechon is a small lechon chain with 2 other branches in Davao. It sells meals with lechon and other dishes with main ingredients like Tuna an Kambing (goat). It is a quaint location that offers good and fast service. They also take orders for a whole lechon.

8. Yan’s boneless lechon [Matina Aplaya Rd, Talomo, Davao City, 8000 Davao del Sur]

A small business like Brand’s native lechon, Yan’s boneless lechon is located in a small town and owned by a small family. Their setup is a small canteen-like environment where other Filipino dishes are served in trays. They are known and visited mostly because of their boneless lechon.

9. Mikki’s lechon  [Paseo Grande Building, Catalunan Grande 8000 Davao City

Mikki’s lechon has made a name for itself after being visited by Davao’s Mayor, Sara Duterte-Carpio. It has been dubbed “the best there is in the city” by the Mayor herself. Established in 2007, has made a solid foundation of its services and consistently offers an efficient delivery service throughout Davao. They also add in plates of “Dinuguan” for their orders and some nice “Mang Tomas” sauce.

10. Eden’s Lechon[Abreeza Mall, Davao City]

It is a lechon restaurant in a mall in Davao City. Eden’s lechon serves set meals with lechon and other Filipino dishes such as Kare-kare and Paksiw. Their meal includes rice and drinks and is quite an affordable and quality buy.

The restaurants that are setup in Davao that boasts the best lechons and the most delicious Filipino foods may all seem similar for those that have not tried it, but they have made the list


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