Every Filipino knows what a lechon is. It is present in every party and gathering. Because of its size and unique method of cooking, it is considered the highlight of a Filipino handaan. Recently, Davao lechon has been gaining attention not only in the Philippines but in the whole world. There have been features of restaurants in different parts of the world that serve lechon in many different variants. There are three attributes to this unique Filipino food that make it a worldwide favorite.


  1. The Oh-So-Crispy Skin. When we talk about lechon, the first thing that comes to our mind is the sound of the crispy skin of the dish when we bite it. A good lechon is characterized by its reddish brown color. Being able to enjoy the crispness of the skin is actually a satisfying feeling as the skin does not really stay crispy all the time. So, when you are planning to enjoy lechon, eat it as soon as it is served.
  2. The Soft and Juicy Meat. When you are done enjoying the crispy skin, it is time to take on the meat. The way lechon is cooked enables the pig to secrete its natural oils and juices. When these juices mix with the flavors of the herbs and spices, it creates an aromatic and delicious taste to the meat. You will know that the lechon is cooked properly when aside from the crispy skin, the meat is soft and easy to tear away.
  3. The Perfect Sauce. Just like any traditional Filipino dish, Davao lechon is also best served with a bowl of sauce on the side to dip the meat wholeheartedly. There is no standard formula for the sauce. In fact, cities around the Philippines have their own version of a sauce that comes with the lechon. Some make spicy ones para may pampagana while others opt for savory ones that satisfy all your tastebuds.


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